Solid Plastic Partitions Hardware

Continuous Stainless SteelHinge (Optional)

Stainless SteelVault Hinges (Optional)

Chrome Plated Brushed ZamacVault Hinges (Optional)

8″ AluminumWrap-Around Hinges

Stainless SteelSurface Mounted Slide Latch (Optional)

6″ AluminumWrap-Around Strike

Chrome Plated Brushed ZamacIndicator Slide Latch (Optional)

AluminumContinuous H Brackets (Optional)

AluminumStandard Depth Continuous Brackets (Optional)

AluminumStandard Depth Continuous Brackets (Optional)

AluminumExtended Depth Continuous Brackets

Stainless SteelExtended Depth Continuous Brackets (Optional)

Stainless SteelStandard Depth Continuous U Brackets (Optional)

Stainless SteelStirrup Brackets (Optional)

AluminumStirrup Brackets

No SightStrip

Stainless SteelShoe

ASI Global Partitions reserves the right to make design changes or to withdraw any design without notice.