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MasterSpec®, is a resource for producing customized specifications, with access to a comprehensive portfolio of specifications covering over 1,700 sections, organized into practice-specific libraries. Three distinct offerings are available: Enhanced Listings, Product MasterSpec, and Independent Product MasterSpec.

  • Technical: MasterSpec® Specifications, in full-length, short form, and outline formats, include qualitative product overviews reference standards, manufacturer and product comparisons, drawing coordination, and specification checklists.
  • Customizable: The guide specification provides editing instructions, to allow users to curate their own specifications by deleting what doesn’t apply, and by adding their own customizations.
  • Product MasterSpec®: A source of pre-customized basis-of-design, specifications from within MasterSpec® libraries serving as a tool to save specifiers time and money.

MasterSpec®, is a product of The American Institute of Architects.

RIB SpecLink Cloud™ is a specification management cloud-based software in the U.S. used to create more than 50,000 project specifications on an annual basis.

  • Technical: SpecLink Cloud™ offers a variety of technical features to help you author accurate, efficient, and non-conflicting specifications.
  • Customizable: Within SpecLink Cloud™, you will find our ASI proprietary specification where you can specify our products. To help you with these specifications, there is an optional checklist at the top of the section that will guide you through the process to customize specific project specifications to meet a variety of needs and formats.
  • BIM Integration: SpecLink Cloud™ features seamless BIM integration so users can view embedded BIM object data, identify potential conflicts, automatically adjust specs, and view BIM models from any web-enabled device.

RIB SpecLink® is an official partner of Construction Specifications Institute (CSI).

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